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Create characters for the Black Crusadetm game today and get playing here on our website!

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Welcome to the Black Crusade Companion!

The Black Crusade Companion was created to help you create characters and play Black Crusade over the internet - all without leaving your chair!

So why not invite your friends to join your game and explore the Warhammer 40,000 universe together.

Create a Character

Create your character and then play Black Crusade!

You can even download a PDF character sheet of your character for use in your real-life games!

Evolving Characters

As you play with your character online here, your character can evolve as they gain experience and gain skills, talents, gear and upgrades!

Your character can evolve in different ways within different games so you need not play with the same character all the time!

In Game Tools

Our game screen features all the tools you need to play Black Crusade, including being able to roll virtual dice, send and receive private messages, chat in game and it will automatically keep your character up to date!

You can spend spend your earned experience to buy new talents, skills and upgrade characteristics.

Community Support

We have a community of supportive Games Masters and players willing to help you get into the game and to clarify any rule queries you may have.